Our Fat Bob tank sets are a duplication of the late style "Flatside" tank sets. They fit FXST models 1984 thru 1999 and are available in a wide variety of tank caps such as OEM style cam lock gas cap and Screw-In bung and flush cap design. Flush caps are available as a Screw-In bung and our quick-lock style. Quick lock can also be bought with key operated lock. The latest addition is the small aluminum aircraft style gas cap set. These lockable Aero-style gas cap sets have a chrome plated finish and are also separately available. Tanks are the best quality on the market. Can be used for crash repairs or any other Custom application. Available in a 3.5 (13,2L.) and a 5 (18,9L.) gallon capacity. Accepts most FL, FXWG and FXST style dashes.


Screw bung style tank sets (style B)
Article number Description Retail price Add to list
Tank set 3.5 gallon (OEM 61218‑85 & 61426‑85)
Tank set 5 gallon (OEM 61211‑84A & 61228‑84A)
Lockable Screw-In type flush mount tank sets (style D)
These flush caps make the lines of this tank much smoother than on the stock tanks (includes gas caps).
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5 Gallon Quick lock flush cap tank set
Lockable gas cap set (style D)
5 Gallon tank set for Midi Aero-style gas caps, chrome plated aluminum gas cap set with locks is included (style E)
Article number Description Retail price Add to list
Replacement Aero gas cap set Midi (style E)
Replacement Aero-style gas cap Midi vented (style E)
Replacement Aero-style gas cap Midi non-vented (style E)

Recommended Retail Prices include 25% sales tax.

Prices exclude shipping, import duties and installation.

Prices are based on EUR to SEK interbank rates obtained daily. The interbank rate is the rate that banks trade currency to each other. These prices must be used as a guide.

The zinc-chromate primer finish on some of our tanks is provided for the protection of the tanks during shipment and storage. It is not recommended as a primer finish for paint applications without proper surface preparation. As with any fuel tank, particularly one where custom paint is to be applied, all tanks must be pressure tested, then cleaned with tank cleaner and sealed with tank sealer before painting, to protect the final finish and prevent internal rust during winter storage. Fuel capacity is measured with tank in upright position, angle of parked bike will determine actual capacity of the fuel tank.

Note: Genuine Zodiac gas tanks including their brackets are made from the same or heavier gauge steel as genuine tanks, your guarantee for years and years of reliable service. Feel free to compare the weight of these quality products with cheap imitations.