For lots of people this is still the most popular engine on the market. S&S starts with their bullet proof crankcases, flywheels, cylinders, and heads that they have offered for years, and finish the engine with new premium valve train components. Billet tappet guides, and rocker boxes look outstanding, and offer the kind of performance you have come to expect from S&S. What you can't see inside the engine is just as impressive. The new Shovelhead style tappet guides are designed around the quiet, dependable Evolution style tappets. Corrected tappet guide bore geometry assures correct valve timing using Evolution style cams. The unique adjustable pushrods are collapsible for easy removal and installation, but are stronger than the old style adjustable pushrods. Inside the billet rocker covers are S&S's exclusive straight rocker shafts and the new S&S forged Shovelhead style roller rocker arms. The result is a Shovelhead engine that has the classic stock appearance, the increased performance and the modern technology, which makes them ideal for those who find engine life more important than performance. For lighter bikes in performance applications there is also a High Compression version with dual plugged heads available. Alternator style engines come with natural cast aluminum, or billet aluminum nose cone covers as specified below. Engines are assembled by S&S technicians, and come, except for the 80CI version, with an S&S Single Fire Super Stock ignition, carburetor and air cleaner. The S&S Single Fire Super Stock requires a single fire Ignition coil that must be ordered separately. SH Series engines feature a 2 year limited warranty.


Assembled alternator style engines without ignition and manifold and carburetor
Fit chassis and primary on 1970 thru 1984 Big Twin, 1984-1999 Softail, 1984-1994 FXR, 1991-1998 Dyna and 1984-1998 Touring
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SH80, 1,340cc, billet nose cone cover
Assembled alternator style engines with S&S Super Stock ignition
Engine is higher than stock and fits most custom 1970 thru 1999 Alternator style single cam Big Twin frames
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SH93, 1,530cc, cast nose cone cover
SH93, 1,530cc, billet nose cone cover
SH93HC, 1,530cc, High Compression, cast nose cone cover
SH93HC High Compression, billet nose cone cover
SH103, 9.7:1 compression, billet nose cone cover
Assembled Alternator/Generator style engines with S&S Super Stock ignition
The classic appearance of a Generator style engine but with the left crankcase ready to accept an alternator charging system. If a generator is not used on the engine, the generator location is an excellent place to mount a spin-on oil filter. High performance clutches, five and six speed transmissions, and many more drive train products are compatible with S&S Alternator/Generator engines. Fits 1970 thru 1984 Alternator style Big Twin chassis and primary. Installation requires either a stock 1966-1969 style exhaust system, one of several aftermarket custom exhaust systems, or a custom fabricated exhaust pipe for a Generator Shovel engine.
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SH93, 1,530cc
Specifications SH-Series Shovel Style engines
Capacity Bore Stroke Compression Carburetor
SH80 80CI (1,340cc) 3 1/2" 4 1/4" 9:1 -
SH93 93CI (1,530cc) 3 5/8" 4 1/2" 8.75:1 Super E
SH93HC 93CI (1,530cc) 3 5/8" 4 1/2" 10:1 Super E
SH103 103CI (1,692cc) 3 5/8" 5" 9.7:1 Super G

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