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Advanced technology motorcycle chain from the world's largest chain manufacturer. Applying knowledge gained from racing, Tsubaki has designed and manufactured a superior chain to go the distance. Tsubaki chains have been engineered to exacting standards to guarantee long life and smooth operation for any ride or distance.
Tight precision assembly withstands high impact and resists kinking. The chain has perfectly cylindrical bushings and is pre-stressed and pre-stretched for decreased initial elongation and increased wear life while the quad-staked riveting of the pin heads ensure maximum resistance to push-out force. Tsubaki chains are competitively priced and are backed by full warranty.


530 High Performance roller chain
Available as an economical high quality QRS series solid roller chain as well as an extra Heavy Duty "Delta" self-lubricating version, which has specially formulated lubricant impregnated into the bushings. On both qualities all critical points are heat treated and shot peened for greater durability. Chains are pre-stretched at the factory to reduce initial stretch. The Heavy Duty "Delta" version comes in a true custom style nickel plated finish.

QRS Series chain
Article number Description Retail price Add to cart
235150 104 Links 789,45 kr
235151 106 Links 681,40 kr
711776 110 Links 709,20 kr
235153 112 Links 724,24 kr
235154 120 Links 767,21 kr
235155 Clip style master link 42,84 kr
Delta Series Self-Lubricating Nickel Plated chain
Article number Description Retail price Add to cart
235162 110 links 1 542,50 kr
235163 120 links 1 675,82 kr
235164 Clip style master link 58,51 kr
Alpha XRS O-ring chain
Article number Description Retail price Add to cart
711771 104 Links 1 349,53 kr
711772 106 Links 1 373,16 kr
711769 110 Links 1 426,62 kr
711773 112 Links 1 458,84 kr
711770 120 Links 1 543,89 kr
711774 Clip style master link 83,66 kr
711775 Rivet style master link 140,15 kr
Sigma XRS
Article number Description Retail price Add to cart
711766 104 Links 2 083,88 kr
711767 106 Links 2 311,35 kr
711768 110 Links 2 395,51 kr
711763 112 Links 2 536,67 kr
711765 120 Links 2 621,97 kr
711764 Clip style master link 106,28 kr
Sigma Nickel Plated O-ring chain
Article number Description Retail price Add to cart
234052 120 Links 3 182,30 kr

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